MEHA Peer Network

MEHA Peer Network


MEHA is soliciting members to be points of contact for the wide range of topics related to Environmental Health in Minnesota. 

Have you ever had a question about an environmental health related topic but you weren't sure where to go for the answer?


MEHA members volunteering to be on this list may have specific knowledge to guide other members or just know where to find a good resource. Please use this information to connect with other members who may be able to help you!

Please update your MEHA membership profile to include the areas where you may be able to help another member.


A list will be published quarterly with contact information for those willing to participate.

Let's work together!

You don't have to be an expert, just willing to listen and offer guidance or feedback.


Knowledge Areas:


Management and Policy Development

  • Ordinance writing
  • Staff management
  • Delegated program evaluation process / preparation
  • Policy development
  • Intergovernmental relationships
  • Licensing
  • Enforcement
  • Plan Review




Technology and Media

  • Media interaction
  • Social media
  • Technological devices


Housing & Lodging

  • Rental housing
  • Lodging inspections
  • Residential home care
  • Property maintenance code
  • Public health nuisances
  • Vacation rentals



Drinking Water

  • Wells
  • Abandonment



Swimming Pools




  • Ventilation
  • Equipment
  • Mobile Food Units
  • Specialized Processes


Body Art


  • Tattoo artists and shops
  • Body piercing


Mobile Home Parks/Recreational Campgrounds



Youth Camps

Hazardous Waste

Septic Systems / Wastewater



Indoor Environments

  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Smoking bans
  • E-cigarettes

REHS Exam Preparation

Professional Development

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Inspection styles
  • Tips for new managers