About MEHA

The Minnesota Environmental Health Association (MEHA) is an organization of public health professionals in government and industry working to improve the living and working conditions in homes, businesses, and the protection of the environment. MEHA was incorporated in 1961 as the creation of a professional society for environmental health practitioners with the desire to establish a standard of excellence for the developing profession. This standard, the Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) credential, confirms that one has mastered a body of knowledge and has acquired sufficient experience to perform professional environmental health activities. The pioneers of the association believed that such a credential was necessary if the environmental health field was to grow and take shape as a legitimate and widely respected profession. Drawing on the original effort that led to the creation of MEHA, the association now has over 400 members and continues to grow. MEHA offers a variety of programs that are all in keeping with the association’s mission which is as relevant today as it was when the organization was founded. It is the association’s desire to foster more cooperation and understanding among environmental health professionals, to contribute to the resolution of environmental health issues, and to work with national professional societies to advance the image and professional standing of the environmental health profession. At the same time, MEHA remains solidly founded by its roots in efforts to improve the environment in order to create a more healthful environment and quality of life in Minnesota. MEHA is also the annual sponsor of Minnesota Environmental Health Week as proclaimed by the Governor.