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Washington County Public Health and Environment is seeking qualified candidates. To fill the position of Environmental Program Supervisor

Position Description: 

The Environmental Program Supervisor will lead a talented and experienced group of Environmental Specialists in the implementation of the Food, Pools and Lodging and Drinking Water Protection programs, and in responding to environmental and public health nuisance complaints. The Supervisor will also participate on the Management Team of a comprehensive, progressive and accredited public health and environment department and have the opportunity to be involved in department-wide activities.

Position Requirements: 


This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in public health, environmental health, industrial or occupational safety, physical, chemical or biological science, or related field and five (5) years of full-time professional environmental experience, with a minimum of one full-time year as a lead worker, or equivalent. A Master’s degree in public health, environmental health or physical/biologic science areas is desirable and may substitute for one year of experience. State Registration as an Environmental Health Specialist or registration/certification in a field particular to primary assignment may be required.


  • Registration as an Environmental Health Specialist (REHS)
  • Paid work experience supervising staff in Environmental Health programs
  • Standardized Food Safety Inspector under FDA Program Standards
  • Paid work experience investigating Public Health Nuisance complaints

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