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CERT/HC temp position scope

Temporary Employment / Internship Available

Description: The Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment is seeking a
qualified individual to work with our dedicated team of solid waste/recycling and community health
professionals. This is an exciting position that will give the candidate great experience in public
health and environmental work and present many learning opportunities across multiple teams.
The position will work primarily with the Food Security Unit, a unit established during the COVID-19
pandemic that consist of staff from the department’s Community Environmental Resource Team
(CERT) as well as the department’s Healthy Communities team. This unit works alongside staff from
the Washington County Department of Community Services to utilize existing partnerships in food
recovery and food distribution to provide food to our communities. This position will also provide
support to other CERT projects and have opportunities to learn about the county’s role in solid
waste management and planning as well joint county work through the Ramsey/Washington
Recycling & Energy (R&E). The work schedule will be flexible according to the needs of the program
and the availability of the selected candidate. This temporary position will be for a total of 67
working days, non-consecutive, and will ideally start in February 2021.

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