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Noncommunity Compliance Officer - Public Health Sanitarian - Minnesota Department of Health, St. Paul

Career Posting: Noncommunity Compliance Officer-Public Health Sanitarian 1 or 2 (#32287)

MDH-Noncommunity Unit- St. Paul is seeking qualified candidates. To fill the position of Noncommunity Compliance Officer-Public Health Sanitarian 1 or 2 (#32287)

Position Description: 

Posting # 32287

This position is being posted at both the Public Health Sanitarian 1 and Public Health Sanitarian 2 level. The level at which the position will be willed will be determined based on the successful candidate's qualifications. 

This position will protect public health in the use and consumption of water via the implementation and enforcement of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and other Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) rules as they pertain to noncommunity public water systems (NCPWS), and to provide other core public health functions for the MDH Drinking Water Protection (DWP) Section.

Responsibilites include:

  • Manage a SDWA regulatory compliance workload of transient noncommunity public water supplies.
  • Coordinate statewide noncommunity water quality analysis and surveillance program.
  • Serve as compliance officer for the local partnership programs implementing the SDWA.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of noncommunity public water systems.
  • Support an effective compliance program by developing technical expertise, identifying process improvements, and providing technical assistance.

As requested, execute field activities including inspection, monitoring, resolving water quality incidents, and participation in enforcement actions as needed.
Public Health Sanitarian 1 or Public Health Sanitarian 2
Position Requirements: 

Knowledge in the areas of public health: environmental science, epidemiology, biology, chemistry, geology, hydrogeology and working knowledge of the procedures for investigating waterborne illnesses.

Knowledge of federal and state statutes, rules, and standards including the Safe Drinking Water, the Minnesota Plumbing Code, the Minnesota Water Well Construction Code, On-site Sewage Treatment Systems, Source Water Protection Rules, Class V Injection Rules, Standard Methods for Analysis of Water and Wastewater, and Recommended Standards for Water Works.

Thorough knowledge of what constitutes legal evidence and strict attention to detail in completing forms, following procedures, and documenting work.

Ability to operate computer hardware and software, including database, spreadsheet, word-processing, GPS and Internet applications.

Ability to establish effective working partnerships within MDH, with regulated establishment owner/operator and the general public.

Ability to adapt communication style to match specific conditions and personalities; conflict resolution skills to resolve contentious situations.

Ability to enforce laws, rules and regulations and work in confrontational situations.

Written and verbal communication skills to provide clear, concise and accurate to provide information, answer questions, or emphasize critical issues.

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