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How do you organize an outbreak investigation involving at least eight agencies? How do you ship 25 gallons of frozen ice cream across the country? How do you know when a norovirus outbreak is due to employee illness or something bigger?

Amy Saupe, MN Dept. of Health

Amy Saupe received her MPH from the University of Minnesota, and worked at the Minnesota Department of Health on “Team Diarrhea” as a graduate student. She has worked as an epidemiologist for the Minnesota Department of Health’s Foodborne Diseases Unit since 2011, where she leads enteric outbreak investigations, coordinates several norovirus projects, and participates in foodborne disease surveillance activities.

Alida Sorenson, MN Dept. of Agriculture

Alida Sorenson is the Recall and Response Coordinator for the Food and Feed Safety Division at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Alida received her Master’s Degree in Public Health – Environmental Health from the University of Minnesota in 2014, where she focused on foodborne infectious diseases and worked on Team Diarrhea at the Minnesota Department of Health. Return to Conference Schedule