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In response to the Minnesota legislature’s request, the Minnesota Department of Health, in collaboration with Wisconsin researchers, measured human enteric pathogens in public water supply wells in Minnesota.  Samples were analyzed by qPCR for 18 pathogens and markers of fecal contamination, including human and bovine viruses and agricultural zoonotic bacteria.  Pathogen monitoring data will be used to evaluate contamination prediction tools (e.g., analysis of well characteristics) and identify at-risk water supplies.

Anita Anderson, MN Dept. of Health

Anita Anderson has over 20 years of experience as a water supply engineer with the Minnesota Department of Health. Her primary area of expertise is surface water treatment, specializing in small systems. Currently she is also working on special projects to advance safe and sustainable water reuse in Minnesota and to predict the vulnerability of groundwater drinking water sources to microbial pathogens. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a registered professional engineer in Minnesota. Return to Conference Schedule