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Discussion on common problems for pool operators and inspectors across the Midwest and an introduction to the Minnesota Recreational Water Advisory Committee and how it has assisted bringing together inspectors, industry and aquatics operators.

Chad Storley, Horizon Pool Supply

Chad Storley, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a M.Ed. in Recreation, Park and Leisure Studies-Therapeutic Recreation and a BS in Recreation Resource Management- Land planning. He has spent the last 25 years as a professional speaker, consultant, instructor and manager in the aquatics industry. Currently he is with Horizon Commercial Pool Supply as a consultant and Certified Pool Operator Instructor and American Red Cross Instructor. Serve as President of Minnesota Recreation & Water Advisory Committee. His professional accreditation includes the following areas: CPO, AFO, ARCI, Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, CERT Instructor, Special Engineer and CTRS. Return to Conference Schedule