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Keeping our Groundwater safe is critical as land use and density increases and continues.  The pressure of keeping life affordable is another push as the industry moves into the next century.  the key may be proper care of existing and new systems is important.  How these pieces and thoughts fit together will be the focus of this discussion.

Dave Gustafson, University of Minnesota

Dave Gustafson, PE is a registered Engineer working in the Water Resource Center at the University of Minnesota. He has been dealing with sewage for over 30 years in municipal scale systems and backyard treatment technologies. He has been educating and assisting onsite treatment professionals in MN, nationally and internationally for over twenty-five years. His position allows him to be active in the troubleshooting and evaluation of systems in MN and Nationally. He has learned through the years that we can learn from each other and getting your hands dirty helps to keeps your thoughts clear. Return to Conference Schedule