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This presentation is designed to help the sanitarian/environmental health specialist understand the construction and performance testing requirements of NSF/ANSI 7. With this knowledge, the labels placed inside certified refrigeration units such as, “for the storage and display of packaged products only”, can be better understood. Labeled limitations placed on refrigerators can have implications for plan reviewed facilities and existing food establishments as well. As part of this presentation, the process of national consensus standard development, the value of standards and certification, and how regulators play a role will also be discussed.

Derek DeLand, NSF International

Derek DeLand is the Manager of Environmental Health Programs at NSF International. In this role he serves as a liaison to local and state health regulatory agencies and provides support to those entities with respect to NSF International standards, certifications, and services. Derek came to NSF International after 19 years at a local health department in Michigan where he served as a sanitarian and Environmental Health Director. He received his MPH with an environmental health concentration from the University of Illinois-Springfield. He is also a NEHA member and credentialed REHS/RS. Return to Conference Schedule