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During this session, Special Agent Fred Stephens and Intelligence Analyst Kevin Spradlin will examine the FBI’s role in food defense, discuss the current food threat environment, and present a case study of an intentional food contamination incident that took place in Minneapolis, MN in 2014.

Kevin Spradlin, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Kevin Spradlin is an intelligence analyst in the FBI’s WMD Directorate in Washington, DC.  As an analyst in the Critical Infrastructure Fusion Cell, he identifies WMD threats and vulnerabilities associated with the food and water sectors.

Fred Stephens, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Special Agent Fred Stephens is the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Coordinator for the Minneapolis Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  SA Stephens is responsible for preparing for, responding to, and investigating incidents potentially involving the use of WMD, including the intentional contamination of food. Return to Conference Schedule