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Over the past dozen years, Minnesota Power has increased renewable generation nearly six-fold.   We now generate nearly 30% of our power from renewable sources like the wind, water and sun, with additional potential renewable projects on the horizon. Our coal plants are among the cleanest in the nation, and our control systems have greatly reduced emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide, and particulates.  Minnesota Power’s director of environmental and land management will discuss the company’s ongoing journey to deliver safe, reliable, affordable clean energy.

Kurt Anderson, Minnesota Power

Kurt Anderson is the director of environmental and land management for Minnesota Power (MP).  He received a degree in biology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and worked as an aquatic toxicologist prior to joining MP in 2007.  While working in the water quality area, Kurt received a national award from the Electric Power Research Institute for his work on mercury methylation and mobilization on hydropower reservoirs.  In 2016, Governor Mark Dayton appointed Kurt to the Governor’s Advisory Committee to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Return to Conference Schedule