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Retail Food Service during Special Events often requires a different regulatory approach. Large crowds and limited resources may cause food service operations to operate outside of standard Food Code requirements. The goal of this presentation is to present a framework for ensuring that food is safe for the public during events, even when it is not possible to meet all Food Code requirements by using a risk based approach to assuring food safety. A brief introduction to the Incident Command System will be explained.

Larry Stringer, FDA

Larry Stringer holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Agricultural Engineering from Virginia Tech.  Larry began his career at FDA in 1990 at CFSAN operating equipment in its food pilot plant. Since 1994 Larry conducted all types of inspections including food, drug, biologics and medical devices both nationally and internationally.  In 2003 he moved to the FDA Cooperative Programs overseeing FDA’s Retail Food, Milk Safety, Shellfish Sanitation and Mammography Quality Standards programs in 15 states and DC. Under FDA’s recent Program Alignment, Larry is a Milk Safety Supervisor for the Midwest and Pacific Regions. Larry was the Incident Commander, Deputy Incident Commander and Operations Chief for several National Special Security Events including several national political conventions, Inaugurations, and internationals summits including the G-8 and Nuclear Security Summit. He is experienced with ICS, but he still can’t keep track of the form numbers. Larry, working with several FDA Food Specialists, developed the FDA model for planning and executing Retail Food Protection during National Special Security Event Return to Conference Schedule