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FDA offers funding opportunities to advance conformance of the Retail Standards in your jurisdiction.  We will discuss what funding is available, how the application process works, and what projects might be covered.  We will discuss how funding has been disseminated and ways it has been used.

Maribeth Niesen

Maribeth Niesen has been with the US FDA for more than 15 years.  The first 13 years were spent as an investigator in the Cincinnati District Office covering industry in Ohio, Kentucky, and multiple countries outside the US.  In 2014, Mrs. Niesen started with the Office of Partnerships, Division of Partnership Investments and Agreements.  Ms. Niesen has a B.S. in Environmental Health Science and an M.P.A. in Community Health from Eastern Kentucky University.  In addition, she has earned Certificates in Graduate Study from Xavier University and George Washington University. Return to Conference Schedule