Awards Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting and selecting recipients of MEHA awards, including Honorary Membership, Certificate of Merit, Emerging Professional, and the prestigious Frank A. Staffenson Environmental Health Professional of the Year. The committee may also select candidates for national awards such as the Walter F. Snyder award and Mangold award. The committee consists of the 2nd Past President, one other member of the Board of Directors, and another member(s) appointed by the 2nd Past President.

  • Caleb Johnson | 651-266-1170

Conference Planning Committee

This committee develops and produces educational programs relevant to the needs of MEHA members. Three major events are held each year: Spring Conference and Annual Meeting held in May, Fall Conference held in October, and the Winter Conference held in January. These events provide continuing education credits for Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians. Sections within the committee specialize in planning training in food safety, on-site sewage treatment, public swimming pools, water quality, solid & hazardous waste, and air quality. The committee also participates in planning regional conferences and other events.

  • Michelle Messer | 651-201-3657
  • Loreena Hilton | 952-563-8976
  • Nick Koreen | 612-673-3211

Finance Committee

The purpose of the committee is to promote MEHA's financial health. This committee is responsible for the corporations's financial budgets, disbursements and record keeping. Some of the activities performed by this committee include conducting budget reviews and preparing the annual budget. The Treasurer is a member of this committee.

  • Lisa.Schreifels
  • Dan Disrud

History Committee

This committee maintains the historical record of the Association. Activities include cataloging materials for historical records and notifying the membership about historic milestones. The committee also coordinated activities for MEHA's 50th anniversary in 2011.

  • Michael DeMars | 507-206-2715
  • Melanie Firestone

Legislative Committee

This committee acts as a liaison between MEHA and the Minnesota State Legislature. Typical activities include: providing a resource for environmental health issues, tracking environmental health legislation, informing MEHA members about legislative proposals and bill status; drafting Association position papers on issues and encouraging MEHA members to participate in the legislative process. Click here for more information about the Legislative Committee.

  • Valerie Gamble |651-539-3640
  • Jenni Lansing | 612-673-3023
  • Denise Schumacher | 507-476-4234

Membership Committee

This committee promotes MEHA membership, enrolls new members, renews memberships and maintains membership information. This committee maintains the mailing list for communications to members and friends of MEHA.

  • Karen Casale |  612-817-6665
  • Dan Disrud

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for publication of the Semi Annual (Fall/Spring) MEHA newsletter. Please submit articles of interest and people news to the editors by February 20th and September 1st.

  • Lori Green | 651-266-1172
  • Angie Cyr |651-201-5634

Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for recruiting and receiving nominations for the annual board of directors election. Each year the Vice President, the Secretary, one Director, and the Member-at-Large are elected. The committee is chaired by the 1st Past President.

  • Mike Melius | 507-328-7453

Outreach Committee

This committee develops educational opportunities, materials and other information to aid public education in environmental health issues and to aid professional development. Typical activities may include: developing and publishing informational materials, and performing outreach activities at conferences and other events.

  • Amy Zagar | 612-543-5267
  • Holly Batchelor | 612-673-3817
  • Denise Schumacher | 507-476-4234
  • Sarah Hogan | 320-656-6487

Publicity & Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for publicizing MEHA activities through national organizations & local news media.

Registration Committee

This committee is the advisory committee to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to registration of Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians in Minnesota, and on national registration as it pertains to members.  It also provides preparation classes for the Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian registration exam.

  • Patrick Kuisle | 612-543-5214
  • David Boberg

Resolutions Committee

This committee reviews resolutions (written items on an actions or subjects to be considered by members), makes recommendations, refers resolutions to the Board of Directors and presents them for membership action at the annual meeting. The Secretary is a member of this Committee.

  • Joan Peterson | 320-859-5668

Scholarship Committee

This committee manages the MEHA Northstar Scholarship as well as the Mary Lauren Olson (MLO) Scholarship Fund through the Minnesota Medical Foundation. The MEHA Northstar scholarship is awarded to students enrolled at a college or university within the NEHA Region IV taking coursework that would allow them to sit for the R.S./REHS exam and have a connection to Minnesota.  The MLO Scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health. The committee coordinates scholarship fund raising activities at the annual MEHA spring conference, presents the scholarships to students at the annual MEHA winter conference, and keeps a record of scholarship recipients. Three trustees are appointed by the Board of Directors to serve a three-year term.

  • Nick Koreen | 612-673-3211
  • Julia Selleys| 612-543-5211
  • Amy Saupe| 651-201-5119

Student Committee

This committee coordinates efforts to support student involvement in the Association and acts as the liaison with the student groups at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

  • Craig Hedberg, Ph.D. | 612-626-4757
  • Laura Suppes, Ph.D. | 715-836-5977
  • Nicole Hedeen | 651-201-4075

Technology Committee

This committee coordinates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on technology needs, moderates the listserv, and maintains this website and our Facebook page.

  • Ryan Lee | 651-275-7295
  • Sophia Walsh | 507-206-2735
  • Casey Kipping | 651-201-4513