Frank A. Staffenson Award

Given to the Minnesota Environmental Health Professional of the Year

Since 1971, the Minnesota Environmental Health Association has annually recognized one person as an outstanding environmental health professional. The award is presented to the MEHA member who has performed an outstanding accomplishment that significantly contributes to the development, expansion, or advancement of environmental health or performed a service that has produced a positive benefit to the profession as a whole.

The award was renamed in 2002 by the membership to honor Frank A. Staffenson, R.S. for his many years of service to the citizens of Saint Paul, to MEHA, and to the environmental health profession. Frank was the Director of Environmental Health for the City of Saint Paul for many years. He was honored in 1985 with the award that was later named for him.

Frank Anders Staffenson, R.S.

Frank A. Staffenson, R.S.

June 20, 1933 - February 11, 2002

We fondly remember Frank for his dedication to our profession, his magnificent sense of humor, but most of all, his kind and generous heart.

Frank A. Staffenson Environmental Health Professional of the Year
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